The Continent


Growing up as young children in Africa, was fun! there wasn’t a care in the world nor dull moment.  Everything we ate was organic; from pulses,  grains and spices to livestock and seafood; Africa is a vibrant continent blessed with natural resources and loads of tasty dishes!!!… Africa has a lot to offer to the world, even proverbs relating to food! here are some interesting African food related proverbs;

Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

Man is like a pepper, till you have chewed it you do not know how hot it is.

One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others.

Nature gave us two cheeks instead of one, to make it easier to eat hot food.

If you give bad food to your stomach, it drums for you to dance.



We love to entertain, dance and most of all, EAT…we love our food!!!


Coconut Thins; Artisan, oven baked, gluten free, snacks.

Original, Mango, Pineapple and Banana & Chilli.

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