Shores of

A UK based food discovery company founded by siblings who share a passion for food.

Shola and Alero spent their formative years in Nigeria, as young kids, growing up in the diverse city called Lagos, was fun! there was not a dull moment; from street parties to the street foods sold on the busy streets.

Everything we ate from; pulses, grains, livestock, and seafood, were prepared with passion, nutritious, flavoursome, colourful and guaranteed to entice one’s taste buds.

Africa is a vibrant continent blessed with natural resources and loads of tasty dishes!!!… Fun, vibrant, hospitable, colourful, are just a few words that describe the African continent, with the passion for food as the centre of it all.

Africa has a lot to offer to the world, even proverbs relating to food! here are some interesting African food related proverbs.

“One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others.”

“Nature gave us two cheeks instead of one, to make it easier to eat hot food.”

“If you give bad food to your stomach, it drums for you to dance.”

…Africans love to entertain, dance and most of all, EAT…we love our food!!!

Welcome to Shores of Africa, journey with us as we take you on a food discovery experience to the continent of Africa!